A recent WordPress update has made it easier to add and edit images. To get started, open an existing Post or create a new Post or Page. To Insert an image, place your cursor where you would like to add the image; next click add media buton . You can upload new images, use existing images from your Media Library or enter a URL for an image – remember you must have permission to use the image.


Once you’ve selected an image you can add a Title, Caption and Description.






Here’s what you’ll see


Traveling don’t forget to pack your RedRush


To resize or edit –  click the image to reveal editing tools.


The image is a little small, so using the editing tools as shown above I can increase the image size by grabbing the handles to drag the image to desired height and width.


Traveling? Don’t forget to pack your RedRush!

Using the editing tools I was able to increase the image size, center the image and change the caption.

Now you give it a try and feel free to send us an email (myaimstore@aimintl.com) or give us a call (1-800-477-4246) if you run into any problems.