Ready to personalize your site?

At the dashboard select MyAIMStore 2.1.  Select Member Info – the Member ID, E-mail and Name should already be entered but can edited at any time.  Why not add your phone number and location?  After updating, changing or editing the content scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 

You can also change the Theme Stylesheet aka Background Color, to do this make sure you are still logged in at the dashboard select General Settings then click the drop down box at Theme Stylesheet and choose a new color.

Change the background from the default theme color Green


To Bubbles€ Rainbow

bubbles rainbow

Or Dark Blue

Dark Blue

After selecting the new Theme Stylesheet aka Background color  savechanges .

Upload a New Featured Image

Next, do you have an image you’ve been saving for a special occasion? How about using it as your Featured Image? Before uploading make sure the image is 465 x 380 px otherwise WordPress will scrunch or stretch the image to make it fit and you might not like the results.  If the image needs to be resized – use the computer program Paint or the online web app

Again, remember you must be logged in to the dashboard.  With your image sized to 465 x 380 in hand or better yet added to your media library or saved to your computer Select Homepage then click upload.


Locate the image you’d like to use


Then select Use image as Featured Image


Scroll down   savechanges

We think our final image looks pretty sharp with the Turquoise.css for our Theme Stylesheet and a Kosher Garden Trio image, why don’t you give it a try.