One of the best ways to share AIM products is with a testimony. And one of the best ways to share a testimony is right on the front of your MyAIMStore website.

MyAIMStore sites now allow for testimony blurbs to show up on the main page of your website through a handy “Testimony” feature on your MyAIMStore dashboard. The blurbs appear under the Testimonies heading under Featured Products on your home page, and they cycle through every few seconds with new blurbs. Boy, blurbs sure is fun to say. Blurbs, blurbs, blurbs.

See an example blurb on this demo site I set up.

How to add testimony blurbs

First things first, log in to your MyAIMStore website by visiting your store, scrolling down to the very bottom, clicking the “log in” link in the lower right hand corner, and entering your username and password.

Next up, click on “Testimonies” in the left-hand vertical menu. The “Testimonies” link is right above “Customize” and right below “Comments.”

The page you are on now is a listing of all the testimony blurbs you have written for your site. If this is your first time clicking, it’s probably blank – like a canvas, ready for you to word-paint a beautiful picture of health and wealth and happy trees and affluent brooks. Let’s get painting!

Click on “Add New.”

The next page will look very much like the page you get when you click “Add Page” or “Add Post.” Go ahead and give your testimony blurb a title (for organization purposes only, it doesn’t appear on your website), then fill in the blurb itself in the main text box below.

My suggestion: No longer than two paragraphs, and ideally less than that. For reasons a) web surfers have short attention spans, b) super long blurbs just won’t look right design-wise, and c) you can link to full versions elsewhere on your site.

The next step is to add a testimony author by entering a name in the field below the main testimony blurb. If you have a link for the testimony, you can enter that in the field below “Testimony Author.”

Press Publish, and you’re done. The testimony will now appear in the rotating testimony section on your home page. You’ve just made someone a star. Congratulations!