Whether you want to hand them out, give them away, or drop them in fishbowls to win free lunches, business cards are a business staple. You should get some. Let me show you how.

Using VistaPrint.com for your business printing needs

VistaPrint is a godsend for small business owners because it is fast, cheap, and easy. They can make just about anything – from flyers to postcards to car decals and everything in between. Plus, the more you use them, the more deals they send your way. Try stopping them from emailing you once a week. You can’t! They love you!

Head to VistaPrint.com to check them out. I’ll be using their site for this business card demonstration.

Create a business card – FREE version

Can you guess what Step One is? Ding-ding-ding! VisatPrint.com. That’s correct.

Once you’re on the VistaPrint website, look for a section that says “Business Cards” or “Products.” Go ahead and click on the “Free Business Cards” link because, hey, they’re free.

The next screen contains your business card editor. Step One is for your personal information. Be sure to include the contact information for your AIM business and don’t forget your MyAIMStore address (for instance, https://myaim.boisewebdesigns.com/kevanlee).

Step Two asks you to choose a design template. By default, that template is trees blowing in the wind, which is nice and all but not in a living-well-with-nutrition-that-works kind of way. But to each his own! Choose the template that you like best. I went with the blue one because it reminded me of babies.

When you are happy with the card, scroll down and check the Online Proof Approval box once you are sure you don’t have any typos. Then click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

And just like that, you’ve created your very own MyAIMStore business card. Congratulations, you.

The rest of the steps will ask for your shipping and payment info. You get 250 free business cards through VistaPrint, and all you pay is for shipping. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Create a business card – PREMIUM version

Maybe FREE business cards just aren’t cutting it for you. There’s cash lying around, you enjoy nice things, you want something a little fancier.VistaPrint can handle that, too.

Instead of clicking on the “Free business cards” link at the main VistaPrint home page, click on “Premium business cards” instead.

You have a few more options here on the next screen than you had with the free cards. Most often, people will choose one of the first two: “Browse our business card designs” or “Build a design.” Let’s choose “Build a design.”

The next screen asks us about our business card’s image. We’ll be using an image from MyAIMStore.com, so choose “Use my own image.”

Now’s when things get a little hairy. You’ll need to jump over to https://myaim.boisewebdesigns.com (or you can do this before you even start if you plan ahead, which I obviously did not). Click on the Resources link at the top of the page. On the Resources page, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see a couple of AIM logos. Pick whichever one you want and right-click it. Choose “Save Image As …” from the list, and save the image in a place you’ll remember.

Still with me? Good.

Now back to VistaPrint.com. You’ll want to upload the image to VistaPrint that we just saved to our computer. Click the Upload button, find the image on your computer, and click Open. VistaPrint does the work, and you should see your image show up in a moment.

If the image looks good to you, you can click “Next” at the bottom of the screen.

The following page will ask for your information, just like it did for the free business cards. When you are finished entering all the info you want, click “Next,” and you’ll get to choose the font. When you’ve found a font, click “Next,” and you’ll get to choose a layout.

VistaPrint offers lots of good-looking layouts for the business card. I’m going with a simple one, but feel free to choose whatever one looks best to you.

The next steps let you choose a color scheme for your card and add design or text to the back of the card (at a price). The final step asks you to review your card and make sure everything is correct. Check the Online proof box at the bottom, click “Next,” and you’re done. All that’s left is your shipping and payment information.

Create a business card – PERSONAL version

If FREE is too cheap and PREMIUM is too fancy, VistaPrint offers an in-between option called Personal business cards. These cards don’t have all the bells and whistles as the premium cards, but they are a step above the free card quality.

Create a business card – with AIM’s help

As always, if you are having any trouble figuring out this How To tutorial, give us a call at 1-800-477-4246 or send us an e-mail. We are happy to help.

Just be sure to split that fishbowl lunch certificate with us when you win it.