The reason most AIM Members sign up for a MyAIMStore website is to grow their business. Visitors can sign up and shop within one click from a Member’s site, and all orders and new memberships are automatically traced back to the referring Member.

I am sure that most of you know this is how the MyAIMStore websites work. But do you know how to track these sales and sign ups?

AIM has created a tool that does the tracking for you. All you have to do is log in to your MyAIMStore website, and right from the dashboard, you can click on the large, rectangular green chart graphic that says “Sales and Sign ups.” The image will link you back to the AIM corporate website where you can enter your AIM Member ID and PIN number and check out how your site has been doing.

Note: Make sure you check the display range of the report. By default, the report will only show the current month, so if you happen to check on March 11, you may not see as much data as you would expect.

The new MyAIMStore websites have an extra layer of tracking, too. You can get full reports on web visits to your site by adding free tracking software to your MyAIMStore (I would recommend Google Analytics or SiteMeter). Simply sign up for a free account at the analytics site of your choice, copy the tracking code they provide, and paste the code into the Tracking Code section of your Theme Options page (in the “General Settings” section).

As you get more adept at working with your MyAIMStore site, you can begin to analyze these numbers to find out what content works best on your site and how to maximize the number of visitors who click through to the product store.

Happy tracking, everyone. And if you have any questions, be sure to send us an email.


Resource of the week

WordPress Codex

MyAIMStore benefits from being built on one of the web’s most popular website platforms. WordPress has made quite the footprint on the web, and you can find a treasure trove of information by searching on Google for WordPress tips and tricks.

I would like to point you to the WordPress Codex, the official help section of WordPress. In essence, it is like having a built-in manual for the MyAIMStore websites. Anything you want to learn about WordPress, you can find it at the Codex.

Spend some time looking around and see what you can learn. The MyAIMStore sites are open and able to host a wide range of customizations. I’m excited to see what you find.