Page templates are your new best friends. It’s true. I read about it on their Facebook.

Page templates are the easiest way to add cool content to your MyAIMStore website. You don’t have to write anything. AIM writes it for you. Where was this feature in honors English, am I right?

Instructions for Busy People

Here is a quick-and-dirty explanation of how Page Templates work and how they can work on your site.

Pages appear in the top menu bar on your MyAIMStore website. To add a new page, log in to your site, click on Pages from the left-side vertical menu, click Add New, and away you go.

Give the page a title. The title is what appears in your site’s menu bar and at the top of the page.

Then take a look at the right side of your New Page screen. See the section called Attributes? Good. Use the drop-down under Templates to select the Page Template of your choice.

Click Publish.

You’re done.


Instructions for Busy People with More Time on Their Hands

Page Templates really are as easy as I made it seem above (I did make it seem easy, didn’t I?). But that doesn’t mean that you might not get tripped up along the way. Longer instructions to the rescue!

Log In to your website

Visit your site, and click the link in the very bottom right corner. Then enter your username and password, and you’re in. (Forgot your username and/or password? E-mail us.)

Click on Pages > Add New

Did you know: The left-side vertical menu can collapse and expand with the click of a button. Place your mouse over the item you plan on clicking (don’t click yet), and a small gray triangle should appear to the right of the text. Click the triangle. A hidden menu magically appears.

Clicking on Pages will take you to your Edit Pages screen where you can make changes to the pages that already exist on your site. On this page is a button for Add New page. You can click that button or you can click the Add New link that appears under Pages in your left-side vertical menu.

What is the difference between pages and posts?

Good question. Posts are used for blogging. Pages are used for navigation and utilities. For instance, you would write a post about a new research study that came out explaining how Quarter Pounders can be blamed for terrorism. You would write a page about studies in general. Or terrorism in general, I guess.

Give your page a title

The title field is at the very top of your page editor, above the fancy Microsoft Word-ish buttons.

It can be any title you want. If the page is very generic, a short title would be best. If it is a little more detailed, then you can get more detailed with your title as well. Keep in mind that the page title will appear at the very top of your website in the menu, so “Contact me at my most amazing e-mail address and/or phone number so I can say what up” would not be a good title.

Select a Page Template

Finally, what you came here for. The Page Template section is located under the Attributes section, which is located at the right side of the page. Do you know where the Publish button is? Good. Look below that for the Attributes section and look below the Attributes section for the Page Template drop-down.

The titles in the drop-down menu represent different templates you can choose for your page. Each template is designed to stand alone as a page on your site, so there is no need to do any further editing once you have picked your poison.

As of this very moment, here are the Page Templates you get to choose from:

  • About AIM: An info page about The AIM Companies (with Who Is AIM video)
  • Archives: A list of all the posts on your site (for bloggers, mostly)
  • Blog: A collection of your posts in blog form, listed chronologically and with full content or excerpt
  • Contact Form: A contact form for your site, naturally
  • Fullwidth: A template that does not include a sidebar; put your own content in the page
  • Products: A list of six popular AIM products
  • Redirect: A straight redirect to another URL; you must put the URL in the page content for the link to work
  • Sitemap: A listing of all the different pages and areas of your site, good for SEO
  • Testimony American Dream: Story of Bella and Ark Vladimirsky
  • Testimony Doctor Chen: Story of Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen
  • Testimony Fountain of Youth: Story of Kathie Fitzpatrick
  • Testimony Homepage: Short testimony blurbs from a number of AIM Members
  • Testimony New Lifestyle: Story of Patti and Larry Warren
  • Testimony Olympic Athlete: Story of Debbie Lawrence-Spino (plans are to replace with a J.R. story when time allows)
  • Video: Six AIM YouTube videos

Whew. That’s a lot of templates. If you have an idea for a new one, drop us an e-mail or leave a comment on this post.

Add your own content

This part is entirely optional. The Page Templates are designed so that you don’t have to do this step. But good for those of you who are overachievers.

If you want to add your own text to the page, simply type it in to your Text Editor. There are some templates that don’t support extra text (the testimonies, for example), but many do.

Click Publish

And you’re done.

I took the time to put this lengthy post into video form to save you the trouble of reading, if you so choose. Enjoy.

That covers the basics of Page Templates. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions using these templates on your site.