MyAIMStore Introduces Guest Purchasing!

In an effort to strengthen AIM’s online partnership with the membership, we asked you, the Members, if you’d like us to enable guest purchasing on the MyAIMStores (MAS). The votes came in and the response was overwhelmingly positive! Potential customers will now be able to order through your MyAIMStore as a guest and purchase at the Member price.

Points on all guest orders will be included in Personal Volume (PV) of the respective MAS owner. A nominal “convenience fee” ($3.00 US/CA; $4 AU/NZ; R 45 ZA; £2 UK) is added to each guest order to help defray the cost of the MAS. MAS Customers will still have the option to join as an AIM Member.

The AIM Companies is dedicated to outfitting Members with the tools they need to be competitive in the digital age. We’re proud and excited to unveil this new feature, and we’re excited that this decision was made in tandem with the Membership.

In Partnership For Life!

The MyAIMStore Team