Yesterday evening, I had a fun time interacting with Members on a MyAIMStore teleclass (there’s another one coming next week if you’d like to register), and we tested out a new way of learning about MyAIMStore through screen sharing software. Many were able to view my computer screen as I spoke, which helped make sense of the steps that I was explaining.

For those who were not able to view my screen and for those who were unable to attend the teleclass, I have included a link to the teleclass video below. I apologize that there is no audio for the video. It is our first attempt at using this new software, so I am sure that future teleclass video will go much smoother.

To watch the teleclass, click on this link:

The video is about 45 minutes long. Here is the outline of what I am doing.

MyAIMStore Teleclass outline

  1. Welcome
  2. Explain sign-up process
  3. How to add a photo
  4. Manage your sidebar
  5. Explanation of theme options page
  6. Explanation of contact form

You may find some of these notes handy as you work through the video and information:

HTML code

To insert an image:

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”value” height=”value” />

To manually insert a link to a webpage

<a href=””>Text that you want to be clickable</a>

And of course, please consult the MyAIMStore Welcome Guide for detailed information on the above instructions and much more.