You’re a pretty interesting person, or so you like to tell people. And you know what? It’s true. Personal stories and testimonies are one of the best ways to convince people to try the AIM products. So put your powers of self-promotion to good use on your MyAIMStore website.

This personal page demo is relatively easy to put together. Start by writing down your story or testimony or at least deciding if you have one. If you can’t think of one, you might want to ask some friends or your upline or just watch a Sandra Bullock movie and copy one of her plotlines. Those ones work pretty well.

Once you have your story, you can either write it down in a word-processing program like Microsoft Word or type it directly into the MyAIMStore page editor. To get there, log in to your MyAIMStore website, and click on Pages > Add New on the left-hand menu on your dashboard.

You’ll see on the demo site that I added a picture to the testimony. If you’d like to do the same, click on the little box-looking icon right above the page editor.

This will bring up a dialog box that will ask you to select a picture from your computer. MyAIMStore will then set its uploading hamsters running, and your picture will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the options and select the position you’d like to place the picture (left, center, right), and the size (small, medium, large, regular). Note: Wherever your cursor was when you clicked the box icon is where your picture will be placed. When you have the settings the way you want them, click the Insert Into Post button.

Give this page a title, and click Publish. Moving on!

Next up, I created a page about my favorite products. To do this, begin the same way you did with your testimony page by going to Pages > Add New. And then start typing. I chose to format my page with the name and description of the product, what the product did for me, and then a longer description of the product. A product picture also shows up here.

One key feature of this page is a yellow bar that has a link to order the product at the AIM website. To get this yellow bar, you will need to use some special HTML code – well, I think it’s special. It’s the code used in random places on your All Products page.

<p class="woo-sc-box note"><a href="">Purchase this product</a>.</p>

Place this code in the HTML editor of your page, whever you want it to appear on the page.

When you are inserting links from your store to the AIM website, be sure to include your Member ID # as part of the link.

Here’s a link without the Member ID #.

And here’s a link with the Member ID #.

Just like I did for the testimony page, I included some itty-bitty product pictures on the page. I took them from the All Products page so that there would be some consistency throughout the demo site. And just like before, you upload them through the box-like button above the editor and insert them into the post where and how you want. I chose to put them just under the shopping link and aligned left.

Huzzah! These pages are done. Now let’s add them to the menu. The easiest way to make a menu for your site is to go to Appearances > Menus from the left-hand menu on your dashboard. On this page, you’ll create a new menu and set it to appear in the main menu section of your site.

Once you have those steps done, you can start adding links to your menu. A good place to start is by adding all the pages on your site to your menu. Then you can remove and rename.

I renamed the testimony page to My Testimony and the products page I created to My Products. Then things got a little weird. I wanted a minimal menu system so as not to distract people when they are on the site. If you think of the menu as a family tree, I have four grandparents, a couple parents, and tons of siblings. The grandparent pages are Home, My Testimony, My Products, and Contact.

Underneath My Testimony, I dragged all the testimonies that come built-in with the AIM Member websites. I also added my testimony underneath once again and named it Read My Testimony. This menu now looks like this when you mouse over it on the demo site.

You can get creative with this feature to see what you can come up with. The depth of the menus go three generations deep, so you’ll have to stop at unborn gret-grandchildren.

One more place where I added some testimony links and information is in the Testimonies section of the site. To do this, click on Testimonies > Add New in the left-hand menu on your dashboard.

Then give the testimony a title (no one sees this except you), type in a short testimony blurb, place the name of the testimomy giver in the author box, and include a link if you want people to track this person down for more.

These testimonies cycle through on your homepage in the testimonies widget near the bottom.

Now about that homepage. I added a new Featured Image by going to Customize > General Settings. And I jumped over to Customize > Advanced Settings to do some work on the main text and buttons. You can change all of that main area of your homepage in your Advanced Settings by editing Main Heading, Main Text, Button # 1 and Button # 2 URL and Text.

And that’s all there is to it. You’ve now got yourself a shrine to yourself. Not bad, eh? If you run into any trouble with this one, feel free to email MyAIMStore Support and they’ll do what they do best – support you!