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Visit the demo site:

Would you buy BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend on the website pictured above? I would, and I think I did, accidentally, when I was playing around on it earlier.

One of the most successful ways to use your MyAIMStore site is to get hyperfocused with a product (or two) of your choice. For this demonstration site, I chose to focus on BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend. I know. Real creative, Kevan.

If you are interested in using this technique on your MyAIMStore site, you should first begin by deciding what product or products you want to focus on. I would suggest no more than two products, otherwise you run the risk of appearing as a nutrition supplement Chuck Wagon (an all-you-can-eat restaurant in the Boise area … or so I’ve heard!).

Got step one taken care of? OK, proceed.

How to make your site look like this demo site

You’ve chosen your product(s). Bravo. Now comes the nitty-gritty. There are lots of places to begin with this template, so let’s start with the homepage.

Choose an appropriate featured image. I took mine from the MyAIMStore resources area, which is home to a number of product-specific images.

Once you have your image, make it your Featured Image by logging in at your MyAIMStore website, clicking on the Customize link in the left-hand menu on your dashboard, and scrolling down to the Featured Image option (here’s a video tutorial to help you keep up). Click “Upload Image,” find the image saved on your computer, and click OK. Once the image loads and you couldn’t be happier with it, click “Insert into Post” and you should see it appear in your Featured Image section. Don’t forget to hit Save Changes when you’re done.

Next up, I changed the main heading and main text on the site. By default, it says “Start Living Well!” and “AIM is great blah blah blah.” I wanted something product-specific here, so I chose a rhetorical question and an empowering paragraph. You do the same. I believe in you.

To change the Main Heading and Main Text of your site, go to Customize in your MyAIMStore dashboard and click Advanced Settings. These two options will be on the Advanced Settings page.

The buttons were the next things to get the Kevan treatment. I replaced “Shop Products” and “Join AIM” with “Shop greens” and “Shop fiber.” When you have a product-specific site, you need to pounce on the potential customer as soon as possible. No sense distracting them with promises of riches through the AIM Compensation Plan. As you’ll see other places, I offer enough incentives and info throughout the site for them to know that there’s a business opportunity to be had if they want it.

Changing your button text and link is in the Advanced Settings, right below the Main Heading and Main Text we changed one step earlier.

When you’re placing a link in the Button URL field, make sure that it’s a link with your ID number in it if you want credit for any sales or sign-ups. All links from your website to the AIM corporate site need to have this. To add your ID number, do like this:

… becomes …

(Note: Replace the 1 with your Member ID #.)


Now your mind probably exploded a little bit when you scrolled down the home page of this demo site and saw loads of information on BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend. What kind of wizardry is this, you may have thought. Well, what you are seeing is the content from a page I created on the site. To display it on the home page of your MyAIMStore, simply go back into your Advanced Settings, and find the Homepage Content option. Pick your page from the list, and that page will appear on your homepage either above or below your About and Testimony blurbs.

One final thing on the homepage was that I created a custom menu to display my links in the header at the top of the page.

To create a custom menu, click on Appearnce > Menus in your WordPress dashboard. Then make a new menu, add pages to it, and set it as the main menu on your site. From then on, whenever you want to update your menu, you can go here to make the changes. Snazzy, right?

Let’s take a quick look at the internal pages I made. Now, I didn’t have much use for the About page and the Product page that come prepackaged with the MyAIMStore sites. So I changed them. They’re mine after all, right?

The Products page I turned into a Shop page.

Now, you’ll notice some fancy-pants boxed text with a gray background and a fun blue button off to the left. This styling appears in the default Products page, so I just copied the HTML code (robot language) and bogarted it for my own, selfish purposes. Here is what the HTML code looks like:

<p class="woo-sc-box info">Purchase this product at <strong>retail price>/strong></p>

Simply put the text you want in between those <p> tags, and you’ll have yourself a stylin’ info box. Make sure you are using the HTML part of your page editor when you do this. There are many, many more shortcodes like the info box avaialble for you to use on your site. Check ’em out.

Again, all the links on this Shop page go from MyAIMStore to the corporate site, so I have to add my Member ID # to each.

And just for kicks and giggles, I thought it would be fun to stick a video at the bottom. I was going to go with “dog skateboarding,” but I thought better of it.

One note on embedding video: Try using the old embed code at YouTube if you’re having trouble getting videos to show up. When you are getting the code on YouTube, there is a box you can check for “old” code. Do that.

Now onto the “Learn More” page. Here’s where I hope people fall in love with these products, so I tried to make it as easy as possible for them to get information and then get their wallets out. The first two links under each product (again, in a stylin’ info box) are for the datasheet and the shopping cart. I thought it was important to make them stand out. The text and video I cribbed from the AIM website and from YouTube. Isn’t it amazing how little thought I had to put into this page? I am a lucky guy.

And that’s the gist of it. From an SEO perspective, you would want to make sure that the keywords on your site match up with the product and its benefits. That will get you the most mileage out of your site. Make sure you set up analytics to track the visits through your site so you can see what pages are most popular and what pages, therefore, need the most attention.

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